Prosper supplements its hunger programs with social services that help families and individuals achieve economic stability.


Meal Programs

mobile soup kitchen

The Mobile Soup Kitchen (MSK) houses both kitchen and office space and allows us to provide social services and daily hot meals to some of New York City’s most impoverished communities. With the addition of the two new sites Prosper is adding to Bread and Life’s existing Mobile Soup Kitchen route, the MSK will serve 12 sites, providing an additional 24,000 meals to hungry New Yorkers, for a total of over 123,000 meals served annually.


Digital Choice Food Pantry

Prosper is partnering with Bread and Life to expand this innovative program which distributes uncooked meals to those who need food using a point system based on family size. Shopping is done on a bilingual touch screen computer. Each item chosen subtracts points from user’s account and groceries are packed to order. Points are automatically replenished every 30 days. Fresh produce is also available daily through the pantry as well as fresh local milk.



Job Training and Educational Programs

Job Training Program

We believe that the way to reduce poverty and increase economic mobility is by creating educational and job training programs that help people find work and earn a “living wage”. Our employment programs will provide transitional jobs, professional career training, job referrals for full-time work, comprehensive social services and case management.




Educational programs

Prosper will offer academic and tutorial programs that are designed to help residents move out of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.